Please read thoroughly as our policies may have been updated. Use of our services is conditioned on the acceptance and compliance with our policies.

Estimates & Final Pricing

Estimates are valid for 60 days. Final pricing is subject to change if the scope of the project changes. In this event, the company will contact the client to renegotiate price before continuing work which may affect proposed deadlines.


In general, all lead times are subject to change based on the workload at the studio at the start of the project. Clients should make Kerrigan Restoration aware of any deadlines they may have and plan accordingly when scheduling their project. Our projects can take weeks or months to complete. Those who need their projects more immediately may be charged a rush charge (based on scope of work and timeframe).

Deposits & Payments


A deposit (usually 25% of the total estimated cost) may be required on projects that exceed $500 and/or require special or substantial materials. (Dealers, designers, companies, institutions, and governing bodies should refer to our deposit calculator to learn more about deposit percentages) This deposit will be due at pickup. No work will begin until the deposit has been received.


All invoiced payments are due upon receipt of the delivered goods. If payment is unavailable at that time, the company may retain the items until the client can produce payment (if applicable, an additional delivery fee may be charged). 


Accepted payment methods are cash or check. Checks must be made out to 'Kerrigan Restoration' and a reminder will be placed on your invoice. We do not accept other forms of payment at this time. With prior notice, Kerrigan Restoration is willing to work with clients who may have difficulty using these payment methods.

Project Documentation

The company reserves the right to document in any way any and all stages of provided services for distribution in both analog and digital media. This includes posting this documentation on social media, the company website, and other sites. Clients may request exemption from having their items documented at the time of pickup. The use of our services beyond this point forfeits any claims to exemption.

Storage Fees


The workspace available to Kerrigan Restoration demands that completed projects be delivered or picked up by clients in a timely fashion. Clients will be notified via phone or email regarding the completion of their project. Unless otherwise arranged, clients who cannot take delivery of their items within 30 days notice of completion may be charged a monthly storage fee equivalent to 20% of invoice total (minimum one month charge).

Clients who have furniture in our studio for more than 30 days without approving work may be charged similarly.

Gift Certificates & Vouchers

Upon request, Kerrigan Restoration may issue a gift certificate for use towards our services. Gift certificates can be made in any denomination, but are not redeemable for cash, and cannot be 'reloaded'. Unused portions may be applied to future projects. Gift certificates have no expiration date.

Vouchers may be issued by Kerrigan Restoration as a donation to a community or charitable event and can be used by the receiver towards our services. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash, must be surrendered to be used, and are valid for five years from date of issue. Copies (physical or digital) will not be accepted. Vouchers will have a date of expiry printed on them. Any unused portions will be rendered void beyond the date of expiry.

Please note: If lost, gift certificates may be honored only if the user can provide a proof of purchase associated with their gift certificate. Vouchers have no such proof of purchase from Kerrigan Restoration; therefore if lost will not be honored or reprinted. Treat these documents as you would cash. In general, we recommend using gift certificates and vouchers sooner than later as these items lock you in to receiving a certain value of our labor but our hourly rate may increase over time and your gift certificate or voucher will have less purchasing power.

Inclement Weather / Closing

Kerrigan Restoration reserves the right to cancel any deliveries, pick ups, house calls, and/or estimates due to inclement weather conditions. We will notify clients of our decision and reschedule. We also reserve the right to cancel any deliveries, pick ups, house calls, and/or estimates if the client has not adequately cleared any snow or ice from driveways, walkways, and stairs that might hinder safe travel. In these cases, we will reschedule and will invoice the client for our time (min. 1 hour).

The studio may also close for any reason on short notice.


If any of our repairs or finish work fails due to defective materials or workmanship within 10 years from initial completion, Kerrigan Restoration LLC will repair, restore, or refinish as necessary 100% free of charge.


The warranty does not cover repairs or finish work that are deemed defective due to (but not limited to) misuse, neglect, accidents, improper or aggressive cleaning, UV / moisture / heat damage, unsuitable storage and handling, and/or normal wear and tear. (Work on any exterior furniture or objects do not qualify. We disclose this 'exterior exemption' prior to taking on any exterior work.)

Company Policies