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What is
Circular Monday?

Circular Monday (formerly 'White Monday') is a day to raise awareness and advocate for more circular consumption: a system based on reuse, repair, recycling, sharing, and designing that decreases the consumption of materials and goods.

If you've mended an article of clothing instead of buying a replacement than you've participated in circular consumption. Installed an old window from an architectural salvage? That's also an act of circular consumption. Whenever you are able to reuse or repair or repurpose an existing item you are helping to reduce the need for raw goods and the environmental impact of their extraction, shipping, and packaging.

We live this idea far beyond one day a year. It's not just a hashtag, it's the core of our business: prolonging the life of your furniture! This keeps your chairs and tables out of landfills while reducing the need for lumber. We also use repairable adhesives and finishes whenever possible making future repairs much easier and helping ensure your furniture lasts for generations.

What can I do on Circular Monday?


Make it a day to support and practice the core concepts of circular consumption. Given its proximity to Black Friday (the busiest shopping day of the year, at least in the U.S.), you could support a business that also participates in circular consumption.  Rent a bicycle for someone. Have a broken watch repaired as a gift. Maybe even consider gifting our services for a loved one.

While new items will always be available, we can also choose to keep old things in use for longer, make smarter choices about what we purchase, and promote circular consumption.

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