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Crest rail of a 1750s - 1760s walnut Maryland side chair.

Restoration studio dedicated to the preservation of wooden furniture and objects in the greater Baltimore area.

The studio is run by Phillip Kerrigan, a furniture restorer with over 17 years of experience working on countless pieces of furniture from the 17th century on through to today.

In addition to doing structural repairs, we specialize in saving old finishes. We are among the very few in the region who routinely employ French polishing: a laborious and difficult to master method of shellac application unrivaled for its combination of repairability, clarity, and elegance.

B+W portrait of a man clamping a chair.
a darkly faded photo of a chair in clamps on a workbench


Wobbly chairs? Moving damage? Lifting or missing veneer? Or maybe you have a drawer that doesn't open as smoothly as it used to? Kerrigan Restoration is ready to make sure your furniture is structurally sound to provide you years of service.


We pride ourselves on reusing original parts when possible. When those parts are 'lost to the ages', we'll make a replacement and finish it to look like it was always there. And each repair takes into account the needs of future restorations.


Restoring helps to preserve much of your piece's character and value so let us salvage what is already there.  We take great care at every step of the restoration process. Whether you want your furniture to shine like the day it was made or simply receive a good touch up, we can help (sometimes even right on-site).


We use repairable finishes that stand the test of time. Should a problem arise down the road, these finishes can be reworked to keep them looking their best. We can also work to reverse damage from stains, UV exposure, water, and smoke.


Sometimes finishes are just too damaged to be repaired, or are starting to flake off. Maybe you would prefer that dark oak table to be a lighter color? It may be time to consider refinishing.

Even though we may be replacing the finish, your piece of furniture will still retain much of it's hard earned character. We believe old pieces should still show their age even when refinished.

Refinishing with our shellac and oil varnishes gives furniture a glow that more modern spray finishes simply can't achieve.

Recent  Projects
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