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Loose table leg? Moving damage? Veneer loose or missing? Or maybe you have a chest of drawers that doesn't open as smoothly as it used to? Kerrigan Restoration is ready to make sure your furniture is structurally sound to provide you years of service. After all, no one should have to sit on a wobbly chair.


We pride ourselves in doing the best to salvage original parts as well as original finishes whenever possible. Restoring helps to preserve much of your piece's character and value so we'll only refinish when absolutely necessary. And most of our finishes are repairable, making them ideal should problems arise in the future. We can also work to reverse damage from water, fire, and smoke.

House Calls.

Why move furniture around needlessly? Depending on your project, we may be able to assist you on-site with a house call. Minor repairs and touch ups can be done (with great care) right at your location ensuring that you don't have to part with an important piece of furniture.

Touch Ups.

Sometimes all your furniture might need is a good touch up here and there. We don't believe in turning a small problem into a big project. From removing water marks to your pet's latest gnaw session, we're happy to provide you with a range of solutions to fit your needs.


Specializing in the preservation, restoration, and repair of wooden furniture and objects in the greater Baltimore area.

Kerrigan Restoration LLC is run by Phillip Kerrigan, a furniture restorer with over 13 years experience working on countless pieces of furniture in the Baltimore area. He specializes in French polish: a laborious and difficult to master method of shellac application unrivaled for its combination of repairability, clarity, and elegance.

His art background (MICA '03) aids in each step of the restoration process so that every project can live up to its full potential.

Kerrigan Restoration has a wide-ranging client base that includes individuals and collectors, dealers, designers, and institutions.


Monday - Friday    9:00 - 4:00

Open by appointment only.

4000 Buena Vista Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21211

       (443) 961 6713



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