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Two person pick ups and deliveries...

Large furniture can require two people for pick ups and deliveries (sometimes three). In the event the client cannot arrange for help with loading and unloading on their end, we can bring an assistant with us for an additional fee.

When we hire an assistant we chose from a small pool of very talented people who have the experience and know how to move your furniture with great care.  We have a long-standing and trusted relationship with our helpers.

The cost for this service varies based off of certain conditions: how many pieces we are moving, the size of the pieces, if stairs are involved and other access situations, and the distance from the client's home to our studio to name a few. The average cost can hover between $100 - $200 each way.


You are also welcome to arrange for your own pick up and delivery service (or handle it yourself). Delivering your furniture to our studio must be coordinated in advance. Your movers should get in touch with us well in advance of delivery/pick up day to schedule a time with us and so we can advise on parking and access to our building.

Please note: Kerrigan Restoration LLC (or any of its employees or members) are not responsible for any damages caused by the delivery service you have chosen to use. We will document all outgoing items thoroughly before a third party mover removes your furniture from our studio. Damages caused on incoming projects may increase projects costs to correct. Third party movers must abide by our face mask policy.

We also reserve the right not to release your furniture to a third party mover if they lack adequate materials (moving quilts, dollies,  tie-downs, etc.), are using an undersized vehicle, or any for any other reason which may affect the safe transport of your items. We will inform you immediately should this occur to reschedule.

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