Policy changes regarding how Kerrigan Restoration interacts with clients outside of the studio will go into effect November 1st, 2020 and will continue until further notice (even if you have received the vaccine). The use of our services in conditioned on the acceptance and compliance with this policy.

These changes reflect the need for additional safety measures as we enter the flu season amidst a global pandemic. (You can review what other precautions we are taking here.)

Please be sure to read the following carefully:

Starting on November 1st, 2020 we will require all clients (or their representative) to wear a proper face mask that snugly covers both the nose and mouth (face shields are acceptable only when worn in conjunction with a properly fitting face mask) before Kerrigan Restoration can enter their residence.

Should the client or their representative choose not to wear an appropriately covering mask, Kerrigan Restoration offers the following options:

- The client may move their furniture outside where estimates and pick ups can be conducted at a safe distance.

- The client can drop off and pick up their furniture from Kerrigan Restoration (but will not be permitted inside without wearing a face mask).

- Kerrigan Restoration can deliver furniture to the client's porch, garage, or other safe area for the client to bring inside themselves. If no safe area is available, we will redeliver when the client will be wearing a mask (additional delivery and storage fees may apply) or we will return the furniture to our studio and the client can arrange pick up (see above).

- Housecalls will only be conducted if the client (and all others in the same building) wears a face mask during the entire time we are there. No exceptions. (As of February 2021, we are only conducting house calls that can be completed in one hour on-site. We will revisit conducting longer house calls in the coming months.)

Many of our clients are already wearing a mask, for which we are grateful. We are not saying that we won't do business with someone who won't wear a mask: we are simply changing how we will conduct that business. If you already know that you would rather not wear a face mask, letting us know ahead of time will greatly increase the chances that we will be able to accommodate your decision and reduce possible delays.

Kerrigan Restoration will always keep the health and safety of every party at the forefront of our business. No piece of furniture is worth unnecessary risk of exposure to the coronavirus: for us or for you.

Concerns or questions about this policy?

Call or email and we'll talk about it!

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