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We are serious about staying safe.

For all of us.

* Policy as of January 1, 2023 *

We make monthly assessments of current coronavirus conditions and adjust our face mask policy accordingly to conduct our business in a manner that prioritizes the health and safety of both ourselves and our clients. We are still requiring all parties to wear face masks under all indoor conditions, even if you are fully vaccinated and boosted or have contracted COVID-19 in the past. Masks must remain on (snugly covering both nose and mouth) for the entire duration of estimates, house calls, pick ups, deliveries, and visits to our studio. The use of our services is conditional upon the acceptance and compliance of this policy.

We will begin to relax our face mask policy after the state of Maryland's weekly new case number averages are below 250 for a minimum of two weeks. The policy may be reinstated if those numbers rise above that threshold.

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