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In the interest of being open and transparent, here are some of the health and safety precautions being taken by Kerrigan Restoration during the coronavirus pandemic:

These measures will be regularly re-evaluated and adapted as needed, but health and safety will always be paramount. 

1. Masks

Face masks that snugly cover BOTH mouth and nose will be required during all in-person client interactions by myself and anyone assisting me for the foreseeable future. Additionally, any visitors to the studio not wearing a face mask will be denied entry. No exceptions. Masks will still be worn while working in the studio even as I work alone. Additional face mask policies go into effect November 1st, 2020. 

2. Social Distancing

I will be doing my part to keep a safe distance from clients during any interactions. In conjunction with proper mask usage, maintaining a minimum six foot distance whenever possible is an easy way to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

3. Sanitizing

Items I commonly come in contact with at the studio (tools, clamps, pens, doorknobs, etc.) will be treated with a sanitizing solution daily. This will be on top of my already steadily established nitrile glove usage and regular hand washing regiment.

4. Gloves

Nitrile gloves have played an important role in my day to day operations as part of my regular health and safety regiment. I will be expanding their role to be included on estimates, pickups, deliveries, and house calls.

5. Limiting Client Interactions

In-person interactions will be limited as much as possible and spaced out to allow time for sanitizing. This will help reduce our risk of potentially acting as a carrier for the coronavirus. Contactless pickups and deliveries of smaller items (chairs, end tables, etc.) can be arranged when applicable.

6. Inhibiting Fomite Transmission

Studies show that the coronavirus is able to survive for several days on different surface types. Allowing for suitable lag time between job completion (last un-gloved contact with furniture) and delivery (furniture contact allowed only with appropriate PPE) should help decrease the risk of any fomite transmission (viral spread from contact with any potentially contaminated object/surface). All estimates and invoices will be provided via email.

7. Open Communication

Ongoing and open dialogue with clients regarding when and how we can best interact. With planning and understanding, we can continue to find ways to work together to ensure the health and safety of all parties involved. I remain open to suggestions and will continually strive to address any concerns. If you feel my health and safety precautions fall short, I don't deserve your business.

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